HR Solutions

We are a boutique human resource consultancy that caters to organizational needs and delivers best HR practice in the GCC region

Learning and Development

We have the highest standards in L&D practice that organizations can benefit bespoke to their needs.


Partnering with organizations in the region to deliver the highest standards to sourcing and recruiting workforce.


We provide consultancy services for organizations and individuals towards their continuous development

Service Quality Statement

Because we are confident in our ability to meet your professional objectives and goals we guarantee:

  1. Measurable results – Our products and services are designed to enable you to support your organisation and people ensuring that they have an impact on your organisations performance and bottom line.
  2. Impactful – our training products are designed to be impactful and engaging.  Our multi sensory training programs will ensure that learners have tangible skills to bring back to work and apply, and can be measured through performance indicators and other critical success factors.
  3. Enhanced Performance – training is about learning skills or honing existing skills to be able to do your job more effectively.  We believe in training that enhances performance not ‘training as a day off from work’. This means also providing learners on our programs with effective tools and techniques relevant to their role and industry.
  4. Quality in everything we do.

What we can do

HR Consultancy

Performance Management, Competency Framework, HR Strategies, Policies and Bylaws, Organizational Structuring, Compensation and Benefits

Training and Development

Training Needs Analysis, Designing Learning Programme, Professional Development Courses, International Qualifications, Health and Safety Requirements, Assessment and Evaluation

Work Readiness Programme for Nationals

Empowering the Nationals to prepare in their careers, Interview and Selection, Skills Development, Career Planning


Advertisement and Sourcing, Mobilization, On-boarding and Placement.

Designing Learning Programme

Tailor fit learning programmes, Coaching and Mentoring

Formation of Workplace Happiness

Creating a happy culture at work, Team building and motivation, Leadership, work-life balance

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